Equipped offices : Concept

Découvrir les plans des bureaux

Your all inclusive formula

Legal: flexible standard contract

The only relationship worth having is one based on trust and the desire to stay together. This is why the Mermoz Business Centre offers you the choice between a Fixed-Term Contract and a Permanent Contract which can be terminated at any time with a notice period of just two months (plus the current month).

Financial: package savings

One monthly bill covering the provision and maintenance of one or more equipped office spaces and:

  • Expenses: lighting, heating and/or air conditioning, electricity, daily cleaning, insurance, and office tax.
  • The services of a team concerned about your comfort: reception staff to welcome your visitors and personalised switchboard to manage your calls.
  • Broadband internet access (fibre optic, 100 megabits per second) secured with your own access codes Internet.
  • Free fixed and mobile telephone communications Depending on the operator’s offer. Currently France, Europe, USA and Canada, etc.

* Optional: parking space in a covered and guarded car park.

Technical: availability of a set of resources and facilities

The Mermoz Business Centre offers its customers all the resources a business might need at its offices onsite without this constituting a permanent expense or fixed cost for them.

See: Secretarial services, meeting rooms, etc.